About Us

The North Coast Clinics Network (NCCN) is a consortium of community health centers working to improve the Healt2017typecoverageh Outcomes of our under-served populations. NCCN’s member clinics and health centers are working together to improve access to high quality medical, mental and dental health care for all people, regardless of their ability to pay, through information sharing, community education , shared administrative activities and direct service projects.

The North Coast Clinics Network’s thirteen Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) member organizations span an area that encompasses three rural counties in the Northwest corner of California. In 2020, NCCN members served over 70,136 unique individuals providing over 281,271 encounters.

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NCCN’s 2020-2021 Board of Directors:

Tina Tvedt, CEO
Board President
Redwoods Rural Health Center

Cheyenne Spetzler, COO
Treasurer and Secretary
Open Door Community Health Centers

Tory Starr, CEO
Board Member At Large
Open Door Community Health Centers

Joe Demont, CFO
Board Member At Large
Open Door Community Health Centers

Lee Lupton, CEO
Board Member At Large
Southern Trinity Health Services

Tim Rine
Executive Director
North Coast Clinics Network