The North Coast Clinics Network works with member clinics and community organizations on improving the overall health of our residents. Below are just a few of the activities we are currently working on at the network. Health Happens Here!

Quality Improvement

NCCN supports several quality improvement (QI) efforts with member health centers focused on improving health outcomes for our friends and neighbors. NCCN provides QI and data analytics training and education, practice coaching, peer networking, and best practice sharing to support transformation and innovation within member health centers and the broader healthcare system.

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Rx for Wellness

The North Coast Rx for Wellness Program (RxWP) addresses the social determinants of health through a comprehensive, integrated patient-centered initiative that fosters cultural change in the health care delivery system by supporting patients in achieving their individual wellness goals and by optimizing patients’ access to resources that support healthy eating, active living, educational gardening, and community engagement.

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Policy and Advocacy

North Coast Clinics Network improves health access and care for rural communities in our region by partnering with community health centers to lead advocacy and education at a local, state, and federal level. Other partners include local community-based organizations and key health stakeholders, Partnership HealthPlan of California, California Primary Care Association, and National Association of Community Health Centers.

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Area Health Education Center

NCCN serves as the North Coast AHEC, which works with its member health centers and community partners to develop innovative strategies and partnerships to overcome recruitment and retention challenges our rural, medically underserved region.

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Improving Rural Care Partnerships

White Paper: Community Health Centers and Partnership HealthPlan Collaboration Improves the Medicaid Health Delivery Landscape in Rural California

As the health care landscape continues to evolve, rural northern California health centers are primed to explore innovative solutions and implement necessary changes that will achieve the triple aim of improved health outcomes, enhanced patient experience and controlled healthcare costs.

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Green Resource Guide

Why Green? In the United States, 35 to 45 percent of the waste stream and 20 percent of the energy consumption is commercial in origin, resulting in over 50 billion dollars spent by businesses each year.

Committed to reducing its contribution to these harsh realities, NCCN and its network members pledged to implement three key green strategies: environmentally friendly cleaning products, efficient electrical and water systems, and innovative recycling programs.

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