Rx for Wellness

The North Coast Rx for Wellness Program (RxWP) addresses the social determinants of health (SDH) areas of Health and Health Care, Economic Stability, Improved Neighborhood and Built Environment, and the Strengthening Social and Community Context through internal systems transformation and through ODCHC-garden-staffcommunity collaboration to maximize the capacity within our rural region to improve health outcomes for low income patients. View our RxWP Infographic here!

RxWP will be driven by 4 Goals:

  • Goal 1: Establish a cohesive, streamlined RxWP throughout the Network for CHC patients and staff;
  • Goal 2: Expand RxWP healthy eating, active living opportunities throughout the Network for patients;
  • Goal 3: Enhance patient engagement in RxWP via targeted health literacy & education campaigns;
  • Goal 4: Lead an SDH Community Coalition with health care and community-based organizations.

vertical garden drawing* Click here to learn about Open Door Community Health Centers’ community garden program.

Click here to learn how to build your own cost-effective home garden bed. By integrating home gardening into your wellness goals, you can save money, increase physical activity, and grow your own nutritious food.