In collaboration with Partnership HealthPlan of California (PHC) and the Health Alliance of Northern California, North Coast Clinics Network (NCCN) developed a toolkit to enhance the quality improvement and data analytics skills of its members and provide them resources to educate others on the population health status of health center patients in the regions we serve across Northern California. This toolkit entitled Health Center Quality Measurement Systems: A Guide to Clinical Performance Measurement Sets provides overviews, measure performance, and detailed specifications for multiple programs in which health centers participate, including PHC’s Quality Improvement Program and HRSA’s Uniform Data System (UDS).  The goal of this toolkit is to aide Quality Improvement (QI) staff and all those concerned in the navigation of the complexities of common clinical measurement sets and further the understanding of their requirements within the context of regional clinical performance data.

New 2021 Measurement Systems Crosswalk:
Download [Excel]


Download Full Toolkit (updated 06/03/20)
[Measurement_Systems_Toolkit_2020- 2 MB]

Download Sections of The Toolkit (updated 06/03/20)

  • Title Page, Introduction, and Table of Contents [PDF]
  • Measurement Systems Overview [PDF]
  • UDS Measure Profile Data sets Overview [PDF]
    • Cervical Cancer Screening [PDF]
    • Colorectal Cancer Screening [PDF]
    • Prenatal and Postpartum Care [PDF]
    • Childhood Immunizations [PDF]
    • Immunizations for Adolescents [PDF]
    • Controlling Diabetes [PDF]
    • Controlling High Blood Pressure [PDF]
    • Tobacco Screening and Cessation [PDF]
    • Adult Weight Assessment and Counseling [PDF]
    • Use of Appropriate Medications for Asthma [PDF]
    • Well Child Visits Age 3 – 6 [PDF]
    • Child and Adolescent Weight Assessment and Counseling [PDF]
  • Measurement Systems Crosswalk How To & Sample [PDF]
  • 2020 Measurement Systems Crosswalk Full [Excel]