More about Quality improvement:

We work with our member health centers to improve quality of care, efficiency, access and outcomes.

The goal of the North Coast Quality Improvement Network is to build capacity of Network health centers to make data driven decisions to improve the overall population health of our rural communities, to improve patient experience, and to better control health care costs.

Through a Network approach, NCCN and its members are able to leverage the critical mass of its participants to secure resources, training, and technical assistance to build and sustain this critical quality improvement initiative and achieve a greater impact.

  • Patient health and performance
    Putting comparative metrics on patient health and performance measures in the hands of the Network and collaboratively taking action in areas of greatest disparity
  • Financial and operational analysis
    Monitoring a set of clinical, financial and operational metrics for comparative analysis, opening the door to broader performance optimization in the community health center market
  • Improving Patient Access
    Collaborating on strategic interventions using evidence based approaches for identified health disparities, essentially affecting a larger patient population
  • Consistent Quality Across the Network
    Building the quality improvement infrastructure of health centers to strengthen internal systems and personnel knowledge on the use of data for decision making and creating a consistent, demonstrated best practice across a vast geographic area.

Recent Trainings:

Health Literacy Training – 01.07.2022

More about Quality improvement: